15 beauty tips if you’re undergoing cancer treatment and want to feel more confident

13th November, 2017

Cancer can affect your appearance, which can understandably affect the way you feel. Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors are trained to offer make-up tips to help manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment, so people living with cancer can look and feel more like themselves during this tough time.




Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisor Charlotte Goodacre gives her top make-up tips for during and after treatment:


During treatment, especially chemotherapy, many people find that they develop very dry and sensitive skin. To help counteract this I often suggest the following tips:

1. Clean your body with lukewarm water and non-perfumed bath and shower oils. Avoid long, hot showers or soaking the bath, as hot water dries out the skin.

2. After washing, pat skin dry with a clean, soft towel and use rich and creamy moisturisers a least once a day. Look for moisturisers with ingredients such as glycerine, shea butter or cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

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Hand-Picked Natural Beauty Products For Mature Skin

12th Nov, 2017

Getting older is a funny thing. We’ve been conditioned to fear physical changes, but with age comes so much good stuff: wisdom, comfort in your own skin, and the oh-so-coveted ability to give fewer sh*ts. If you ask us, that sounds pretty great.

When it comes to aging, we’ve entered a new age—one that embraces laugh lines as much as laughter and silver hair as much as precious metals. Instead of seeking the fountain of youth, we’re celebrating the diversity of our lives in how they translate to our skin, hair, and bodies.

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Beauty on a budget

12th Nov, 2017

Pamper yourself for less and help students gain valuable real world experience as they earn their cosmetology license at full-service high school campus salons that are open to the public.

Cosmetology clinics at area career and technology schools offer salon services such as haircuts, color, facials and pedicure/manicures at rock bottom pricing.


Lenape Tech Cosmetolgy Clinic in Ford City has been styling and coiffing the public since 1965.

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This $1 Makeup Brand Is Worth Every Single Penny

12th november, 2017

“I’m a changed woman. AOA’s highlighter made me shine like a warm, glazed donut straight out of the Krispy Kreme oven, their lipsticks reassured me that money doesn’t always buy happiness, and I’m now seriously considering wearing eyeshadow every single day of my life.”

“I gave AOA’s “Frost Pout” lipstick a test drive during dinner with bae and that bad boy held its own, despite me stuffing my face with maaad spicy chili oil.”

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Carolyn Murphy’s Favorite Beauty Tip Comes Courtesy of Her Midwife

11th November, 2017 

Known for her piercing blue eyes, sun-kissed radiant skin, and beachy blonde waves, supermodel Carolyn Murphy is the epitome of an all-American beauty. Murphy, who can still be seen dominating the runways for designers like Micheal Kors at 43-years-old, has proven that age is simply just a number. And with over 28 years in the industry, and as a longtime face of Estée Lauder, the supermodel definitely has a beauty routine worth stealing. From her simplistic skincare regiment to her love of surfing and horseback riding, here Murphy reveals her best kept beauty secrets and why you can never go wrong with a red lip.

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An Interview With the Outstandingly creative Henna Artist, Inshirah Ariff

November 10th, 2017




Inshirah Ariff  A.K.A. Mehendi by Inshi  is a Colombo-based self-taught henna artist and entrepreneur whose name is famous enough for her work. The artist specializes in mehendi, the traditional painting which South Asian brides undergo for their wedding day. She also makes her henna-paste from scratch and fills them up in handmade cones!



So here is a quick interview with the most creative and beautiful, Inshirah.

What inspired you to started? And how did you get started?  

I’m inspired by my passion which is henna art! Earlier I used to apply henna on my relatives & friends that motivated me to start up a business.

How often do you get bridal appointments? Take me through an appointment.

It depends, usually 2-4 Bridal appointments in a week. I work 3-5 hours on a bride depending on the customization of the design, but than bridal henna casual henna is the large move.


What is the inspiration behind your patterns?

Most of my designs are inspired by traditional Indian henna.


What is the most requested mehendi design for your clients?

Mostly intricate designs.


What is the most popular bridal design currently?

Intricate mandala & traditional Indian henna

What personally is your favorite design?

My favorite is the Khaleeji henna

What are your top tips for our readers, for taking care of mehendi after application?

Once the henna application is done, leave the paste on for 4-6 hours and also avoid water on the day of application & the entire day entire day after for the best darkest stain.

What are your future goals as a mehendi artist?

To establish Inshi’s Organic henna powder & pre-mixed henna paste.



Inshirah Ariff is reachable on Facebook (Mehendi by Inshi)  and Instagram (mehendi_by_inshi).

Contact number : 0777782480


By: Hafsa Jawzi

Cheryl’s ultimate Christmas party beauty tips revealed

The singer revealed her top tips for getting ready and her favourite party look

10th November, 2017 

Cheryl has a lot of celebrating to do this festive – and will no doubt be giving baby son Bear a first Christmas to remember. And when it comes to tips on how to look your best, the singer has it covered. While chatting to Glamour magazine, the 34-year-old revealed her top tips on how to make a statement and stay fresh the morning after a late night. All things glitter and sparkle are guaranteed to win Cheryl over when it comes to choosing a Christmas party look. “I do love a bit of Christmas glitter,” she said.

The pop sensation also makes sure eat healthily and takes the vitamin supplements Lumity to ensure she has good skin: “Having good skin is the best starting point,” she added.

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Is getting HD Brows worth the faff?

9th November, 2017



I remember being in Sri Lanka a few years ago, paranoid about my acne as I was makeup-free, when a makeup artist who I was hanging out with said to me: ‘Nah, your skin’s fine without foundation, you just need to sort your brows out.’ I was shook. And have been thinking about my brows ever since. When I was offered the chance to try out the High Definition’s HD brows, I didn’t exactly jump at the chance. I was worried about having too much hair waxed away, or ending up looking like a Kardashian.

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See How Skin Care Has Changed Over the Past 100 Years in 3 Minutes

9th Nov, 2017

Today stepping out of the house without SPF is a known cardinal sin of skin care. Add a retinoid routine and healthy masking habit and you’ve got the holy trinity of modern skin care. While today that’s accepted as basic beauty doctrine, a few decades ago, it was all about the bronzed goddess and retina-wha?

In the latest installment of our 100 Years of Beauty video series, we take a look at how skin-care advice has changed over the past century. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot. To read further click here.

Delhi Air Pollution: 7 expert ways to protect your skin & hair from toxic pollutants

9th Nov, 2017 

Delhi’s deadly pollution is not taking a toll on your lungs but also damaging your skin. The toxic chemicals in the air containing soot, smoke and acid severely affect your skin, snatching away the moisture, which in turn causes allergies and pigmentation. Rough skin and dryness on the cheeks are few of the symptoms of skin damage by air pollution. Not only skin, but pollution also sucks life out of your hair. It starts looking dull, lacking vitality. All those who live in an urban area need comprehensive protective beauty care, whether they stay in their houses or work outside.

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