The Best MAC Black Friday 2017 Deals For The Beauty Lover On A Budget

16th November, 2017


With Black Friday right around the corner, if you’re a serious deal-seeker, you and your shopping companions are probably already planning out your big day from start to finish. You ladies are on a mission, and nothing’s going to stand in your way. We salute you. If beauty and makeup items are a top priority, you’ll be on the hunt for the best MAC Black Friday 2017 deals.

Whether you’re looking for a killer lipstick for the holiday parties you’ll be attending, or some great deals to score presents for your besties, you know MAC cosmetics won’t let you down. They have everything you could ever want, from liners and eye shadows, to skincare products and brushes. Many of us are a little too obsessed with MAC’s epic lipstick collection. But who could even blame us? They have every color a gal could ever dream of.

We all remember MAC’s National Lipstick Day free giveaway. It was such a swoon-worthy opportunity to be #blessed with a free lipstick, but the long lines were completely and utterly insane. Well, at least we can rest assured that MAC is getting ready to bless us yet again with amazing Black Friday deals, and for that, we are grateful AF.

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The Demonizing Of Essential Oils: How A Skincare Launch Started A Witch Hunt Against Natural Beauty

15th November, 2017


When skincare specialist Kristina Holey and chemist and formulator Marie Veronique Nadeau announced they would be adding additional products to their collaborative skincare collection, they expected the conversation to be about the merits of the line, specifically, how the biomimetic ingredients restore balance to the skin’s microbiome. What the San Francisco Bay Area-based skincare veterans did not expect were headlines like this one from millennial-favorite Refinery29: Are Your ‘Natural’ Skincare Products Actually Hurting Your Skin? And from the New York Times’ T Magazine: Skincare’s Backlash Against Essential Oils.

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Massage technique ‘speeds up’ diagnosis of chronic fatigue illnesses

14th November, 2017


A unique way of diagnosing chronic fatigue illnesses should be made available to every GP in the country, according to the British doctor who developed it.

New research, published in BMJ Open, has concluded that a relatively simple physical examination could transform the way conditions such as ME are treated.

Currently around 250,000 people in the UK suffer from ME and experience disabling fatigue as well as a combination of other symptoms including muscular pain, concentration problems and intolerance to exercise.

The Perrin technique, that looks for five physical symptoms, was tested on people in the northwest of England.

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Flared nails are back in fashion and no, we don’t know why either

14th Nov, 2017


If you’re over having almond-shaped nails, who about turning your acrylics into triangular monstrosities? Okay, so they’re not a new thing. Flared nails, otherwise known as duck feet nails, have been around for a while now – but they’ve recently resurfaced on Instagram and we’re not quite sure how they’ve become a trend in 2017. For anyone who doesn’t know about flared nails, they’re basically nails that’ll make you think you’re back in the 70s. The nails feature a flared shape, bringing out the corner of each nail into a duck foot-like fashion.

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Now THAT’S a bad hair day! Photos reveal some of the worst styles ever spotted – including a greasy fringe, a Louis Vuitton print and a STRAWBERRY dye job

14th November, 2017


Most of us know the struggle of a bad hair day. 

But very few will have to walk out of the house with a style that stops people in their tracks like these outlandish looks. 

From a ice cream swirl cut to a strawberry dye job, these hairstyles are among the most bizarre to be ever caught on camera.

They were spotted by social media users around the world who shared their delight by posting the images online. Many appeared on a Bored Panda round-up celebrating the most unusual cuts ever seen. 

Many of the worst offenders were men, who appeared to have the wild hairdos done deliberately.

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Incorporating Ayurvedic Treatments, Sri Lanka’s Spas Are Worth The Trip

14th November, 2017



Over the last few years, this tear-drop shaped country off the tip of India has become a travel writer’s darling. Earning accolades for its ring of beaches, enduring ruins, distinct cuisine, vibrant culture, and wild game-viewing, this “up-and-coming destination” for tourists seeking “India Light” was “pure, untouched and unspoiled” and “ready for its close-up.” Sri Lanka sounded like a veritable Shangri-La. Encouraged by high expectations set by effusive media praise, I booked a two-week trip to see for myself.

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Tried and tested: Celebrity beauty icons

13th November, 2017

Get a celebrity-inspired look with these top beauty buys

From luscious lashes to bold brows, the celebs sure know how to make an impact with their looks. So we decided to follow suit, picking some products which help us channel our inner A-lister!

Urban Decay Perversion mascara – 4/5: Lily Collins is always flaunting her enviably long lashes on Instagram and I only dream of having eyes like her! Luckily this mascara does elongate my lashes and adds definition, and it gives a natural finish that doesn’t need any extra touches like eyeliner or eyeshadow. Just a couple of layers is enough to make a big impact!


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How Charities Benefit From Extra Beauty Products

November 13th, 2017


Four years ago, Susan Woods threw a party for a product called Vanisher. In its honor, Woods — the founder of a boutique public relations agency specializing in beauty called The Woods & Co. — asked beauty editors to come and bring whatever they wanted “vanished” out of their beauty closets. She donated the collected items to the charity Women In Need, and a tradition was born. Now, every quarter, Woods gathers products from editors and coordinates donations to various charities.

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Carolyn Murphy reveals her top beauty tip for shiny hair




13th November, 2017

The American model is renowned for her signature blonde hair

Carolyn Murphy believes the secret to shiny hair is using lots of conditioner. The Florida-born model rose to fame in the late 1990s, when she was selected as one of the ‘Modern Muses’ for the November 1999 cover of American Vogue, and fronted the campaign for Calvin Klein’s perfume Contradiction. Throughout the years, Carolyn has retained her signature blonde hair and has now explained that the key to glossy locks is using the right amount of conditioner.

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